advice - Beratung

afraid - ängstlich

appearance - Auftritt

archery - Bogenschießen

calculating Rechnen

celebrations - Feierlichkeiten

certificate – Zeugnis/ Bestätigung

coach - Trainer

compete – konkurrieren/

               im Wettstreit liegen

could - könnte

countries - Länder

declare - erklären

determine – bestimmen/festlegen

dispute – Streit/streiten

each - jede/ jeder

educator -Pädagoge

equipment - Ausstattung

ethik - Ethik/Lebenskunde

focused - konzentriert

gym - Turnhalle

handicrofts- Kunsthandwerk/


issue – Thema/Fragen

job - Arbeit/ Aufgabe

knights - Ritter

language - Sprache

lead - anführen, leiten

maths competion - Mathewettbewerb

Medal - Medaille

mediate - vermitteln

mediator - SchlichterVermittler

nursery school - Kindergarten

organize – veranstalten/


painting - Zeichnung

performe - aufführen

possible - möglich

pupils - Schüler

redesigned – neu gestalten

secondary school - Sekundarschule

social worker- Sozialarbeiter

swordfight - Schwertkampf

to be glad – sich freuen

visit - besuchen

weave - weben

wood – Wald

yard - Hof

Every year we have a big maths competition. Its name is Kanguru. All the good maths pupils are in this competition. They have 70 minutes only for calculating and calculating and calculating/oder only to calculate and calculate and calculate. It is very difficult but I think it is a good thing.              


Our mediators

Sometimes children have disputes. If they can't close peace alone, they visit our mediators. They are children, too, but they have a special training as mediators. I think it is a good thing. So it is possible that children can help other children.


In Turkish lessons you can learn Turkish. Sometimes we sing Turkish songs. For me it's a little funny.    


After school you can go to the school hoard. There is a special room, where you can do your homework. You can also play a lot of games. Sometimes, the educators make trips with the children to a cinema,

or visit other playgrounds or they make a picknick.

I was two years in our school hoard. That was a good time.      



Our school has a smartboard. The smartboard is in our class. It is new and so it is often difficult to use it for Mrs. Erdem or other teachers.

But sometimes the pupils know how it works. It is funny.                                   


We have only four lessons on this day.

Pupils of our school lead visitors through our school and show them our school.

Each class teacher determines two children as leaders. Last year I was determined for the nursery school. So I showed them our school and how the children learn.

This year, you and your family, everyone please come and visit our school on the day of the open door!

You can see how we work. I would be glad,if you come and visit our Löwenzahnschule!                        


All children in our school can have a special education. Some of their problems are that they don't speak German very well or don't write well or need help in maths.

A few of my friends needed help for maths. It was good for them.


Very often, there are meetings in our biggest room, the auditorium. Sometimes the teachers have a meeting, or the parents or the children.

Early in the morning you can have a breakfast for free.



School grounds

At the time our school yard is redesigned. There is a new playground equipment for the school yard.

I think it will be nice and interesting.                  



In Ethik we always talk about other religions with Mr. Schäfer, our Ethikteacher. Sometimes we talk about arabic countries or their history. We watch films about the different religions and their history.

Our teacher Mr. Schäfer speaks a lot of languages. He speaks German, Turkish, Arabic and Serbian. Mr. Schäfer is very nice and he helps us with problems in school or at home. Mr. Schäfer often sings Turkish. It is very nice.                                       


In our school we have different clubs.  

There is a football club, a robot club and a project group of painting and do handicrofts. We also have a ballet club. This is for small children.

I am in the football club. This is great. We are a good football team. Our football coach is Mr. El Melouki, he makes a good job.

In the robot club are some of my friends. They make little robots with their teacher. This is great, too.                                                    


We have a footballteam in our school. We often organize football matches in our or another school. I am in the footballteam, too. We won the Drumbo Cup and we are in the next round. I have a lot of fun, even if we lose a competition.                              


Week of project work

Every year our school has a week or days of project work.

The classes look for an own theme or the school takes a big theme for all pupils of the school. Two years ago our class visited a gardening school. We learned how to weave. Last year we focused on the issue of knights. It was a great event. All pupils had to do something like this. For example you had the chance

to learn all about knights. You could do archery or swordfight

and so on. The young children could ride a horse.                  


At the end of sixth grade the children make an appearance. We get our certificate, and some of us get a medal.

After the sixth grade, the children go to secondary school. The children say goodbye. Some children cry because they have to say goodbye.   


 Enrollment ceremony

 For the youngest children of Löwenzahnschule the first school year begins in August. It is a great celebration. All the children and their parents are in the gym. Mrs. Hoppe our head teacher speaks to them. The older children perform a little show.

Then the teacher calls the names of the children that are in class. All together they go to see their own classroom. After this the new children sit down in their classroom. The teacher says hello and welcomes everybody. She declares, soon you will learn the alphabeth. Then you can read a book, paint pictures or learn how to do with glue or scissors and so on.

I remember my first schoolday. It was a very exciting day and I was a little bit afraid.                                


School celebtrations

 In our school we have many celebrations. In the summer we

always have a celebration. For example some children from our school dance, sing or show a show.

All the people have fun. In winter we have celebrations, too. Teachers read a book for us and all the children are listening.

We eat sweets. That’s great!                              



Every schoolday we have three big breaks and between two lessons a little break. . The first break is our breakfast break. It takes ten minutes.

The other big breaks are breaks for our playground.          


 Breakfast break


After the first lesson we have a breakfast break, because

the teacher knows that a lot of children don't eat breakfast at home. We eat and talk in the breakfast break.

I like the breakfast break, because I don't eat at home in the morning.                                         


 Head teacher


Our head teacher is Mrs. Hoppe. She was our music teacher in the fourth class. That was funny.

Our second headteacher is Mrs. Ulbrieg. She was our German teacher for four years. That was nice.                          


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